Common terms, places, and folks you might run into, if you’re bumming around  the Ylendrian Empire.


Flyer (fastflyer, lowflyer) – Transportation options, generally found in cities.  Fastflyers are sleeker, the equivalent of a sports car, lowflyers are the more common model.  Simply a flying vehicle with minimal ground clearance, not equipped to break atmo.

Frey, Kellen – – Kellen has a deep appreciation for art, often expressed by moving examples of it that he particularly likes to his own vaults for safety.  He keeps his own artistic talents honed by thoughtfully re-creating the pieces he borrows.  To ease any worry that these trades might cause the rightful owners, he makes use of his exemplary computer skills to bypass their security systems, thus eliminating any chance of a disquieting alarm.  When not caring so patiently for these less fortunate souls, he enjoys attracting the attention of bounty hunters, teasing bounty hunters, sketching bounty hunters, and making pancakes.  Featured in: The Slipstream Con 

Hopper (jungle hopper) – Larger vehicles, designed for the transportation of 15-20 people, or an equivalent amount of goods.  These are often modified for various purposes, including ambulance service, street vending, and mobile offices.  Minimal ground clearance, but able to make short flights at higher altitudes to clear obstacles, hence the term “hopper”.

Notebook, notepad – A small portable computer, owned and used on a daily basis by most people.  Communication device, access to the Nerve and entertainment options, and the preferred computing choice of most Ylendrian citizens.  Notebooks have a touch screen, and are equipped with user-facing cameras for easy vid chatting.  (Think about 2/3 the size of an iPad.)

Markham, Pryce “Ducks” – A former field medic with MedAid (The Ylendrian equivalent of Doctors Without Borders), Ducks was assigned to a medical aid station in the rainforest of Maltana.  After suffering a severe trauma and being rendered mute, he was rescued from Maltana by Riv (Riversong Vikrishan).  After receiving treatment at a psychiatric hospital on Karibee, he was reunited with Riv, and subsequently joined the crew of The Melisande. Featured in: The Balance of Silence.

Serafine-Reyes, Tal (Talbot) – Tal retired his commission in the Imperial Forces when he married Vanya Serafine-Reyes.  Before retirement, he was a sniper, but he now contents himself with chasing down criminals as a bounty hunter.  When not engaged with the business of justice, he enjoys apple fritters, traveling, and redefining his own notions of right and wrong.  Featured in: The Slipstream Con

Serafine-Reyes, Vanya – A bounty hunter and sworn agent of the Ylendrian Empire, Vanya is a former “event planner”.  She is married to Tal Serafine-Reyes, also a bounty hunter.  She has a fondness for sleep, coffee, and people who make her life difficult.  Featured in: The Slipstream Con

Ursu, Bin- Captain of the salvage/repair ship, The Melisande, which is named for his first wife.  Veteran of the Imperial forces.  Married to Del Ursu.  Featured in: The Balance of Silence.

Ursu, Del (Delaney) – Twin sister of Denny (Dennis) Jaquard.  Married to Bin Ursu.  Best friend of Riv Vikrishan.  Former lover of Lew (Lewis) Jaquard.  Lives aboard the salvage/repair ship, The Melisande, which she owns with her husband.  Featured in: The Balance of Silence.

Vikrishan, Riv (Riversong) – Chief mechanic and head of the repair and salvage crew on The Melisande. Born and grew up on Karibee.  Frequent volunteer with ReliefCorp (the Ylendrian equivalent of The Red Cross).  Met his partner, Ducks (Pryce) Markham, while serving with ReliefCorp on Maltana.  Featured in: The Balance of Silence.